Join our Two Scoops World

Our brand was born from a long friendship and deep trust, values that led us to the design and making of clothes that embrace childhood’s superpowers, independence and creativity. We love the energy of colors and motion and we support each child’s privilege to comfort and freedom.

All those are depicted in our sustainable and ethically made collections that consist of comfortable clothes created to be worn from fresh Mondays at school to carefree bicycle rides. 

Come, follow and discover our colorful journey.


Raised and based in Greece, Sun always comes up with fresh ideas for a better world. We love working in our sunny space focused on an artisanal direction. Every and each piece designed for twoscoops is crafted with care and deep environmental consciousness. To create our collections, we become children again. We dive into colors, crafts and play just as free kiddos do!

Our values

We are a contemporary brand creating happy garments for happy children! We aim to create long and meaningful relationships empowering our suppliers and artisans, cultivating environmental and ethical principles in essence and we believe in protecting our world and its future. We choose durable natural and organic fibers and we always try to explore new materials for long-lasting items! The brandphilosophy focuses on quality over quantity.

Second hand, second life

We cherish the opportunity of giving a second life to twoscoops thematic garments. Our idea is to encourage recycling of the products created specifically for our campaigns. All these pieces are unique and handcrafted by specialized product designers. Do feel free to contact us for more information and pick your favorite one.

Our magic recipe


2 scoops of pure joy

3 pinches of softness

a spoon of magic

3 parts of sweet memories

a few dreams

doses of creativity

as many colors as you wish


Mix all the ingredients together, sprinkle with inspiration and enjoy our high-quality services. Please feel free to share with us pictures of your littles on two scoops clothing!